Roasted sweet potatoes and fresh figs.

So much drama here. I’d cut down on the green onions – half the stated amount suffices. The seasoning of the wedges also tastes excessive to me. One teaspoon of salt should work. Otherwise follow the recipe carefully. You can buy balsamic glaze pre-prepared in most supermarkets, if you’d like. It’s essential that the figs are ripe. The NYT recently had some tips on telling if that’s the case:

With figs, ripeness is everything. A ripe fig (the object of your desire) is soft, yielding, beginning to crack, nearly wrinkled. When you cut into it, the flesh is bright and juicy and the taste is ethereal.

Because most figs come to market underripe, the percentage of truly ripe ones in your purchase may be small. Here’s what to do: Line a tray with a kitchen towel and lay out the less-than-ripe specimens, making sure they don’t touch. Leave the tray at room temperature and pray. With luck, your figs will soften in a day or two. (Hard figs may never ripen, and you will probably lose some figs to mold.)

Photo from my Instagram.


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