Boss Time.

This moment, from the second night in the small Irish town of Kilkenny – the final night of the Wrecking Ball tour – sums up better than anything why I find Springsteen to be such an amazing human being. The introduction to the song should suffice. If you don’t ‘get it’ after that, perhaps you never will. Which other artist would break down the barrier between performer and audience in this way, and show so absolutely the level of mutual respect and appreciation? ‘A few more debts to be paid’ – what kind of language is this at a rock concert? “We need you! We need you!” is a familiar call he will roar at us during every gig, but it was here that we saw just how much he means it. He even manages to play the role of stand-up comedian whilst delivering this moment, before proceeding to be the musician we love him most for, playing an early song which Europe had only heard once before and the world hadn’t heard in four years. Seriously. Enough said.


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