Burgers with sour cream (vegan edition!)

I’ve never tried to replicate a meaty meal before, but this turned out to be a surprisingly rewarding creation. The ‘sour cream’ is in fact a tofu, lime and fresh coriander combo, briefly blitzed as suggested in the Veganomicon book. I freestyled the burger mixture based on a quick Google indicating what the main ingredients should be: the kidney beans themselves mashed and then mixed with (Panko) breadcrumbs, dried oregano, fresh coriander, chopped red onion and chilli, crushed garlic, salt and olive oil. They work great, and certainly need no longer than ten minutes in a 200C oven. Triple that amount of time for the sweet potato wedges (brushed priorly with olive oil and sprinkled with salt and ground coriander, Plenty-style) and you’re home and dry.


One thought on “Burgers with sour cream (vegan edition!)

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