Returning, finally.

So I’ve decided to blog again. I’ve realised that as time has gone by I’ve just turned my Facebook wall into a blog, inevitably annoying many friends. And now term time is over for quite a while, I don’t have that as an excuse. So from now on I’ll just start sharing and commenting on noteworthy ideas and articles here, as and when I read them.

Only two things are worth noting during my absence: First, I took the leap and went fully vegan, the explanation for which will certainly be forthcoming. Second, I saw Springsteen play six more times this summer, and truly feel like I have a shaken and improved soul because of it. I’ll aim to pay tribute to these things with daily features: footage courtesy of YouTube of some of the most special musical moments I witnessed, and photos of the food and links to the recipes I’ve been exploring.

Oh, and about the domain. I lost because I didn’t renew it in time before the anniversary of buying it. I presumed I’d be able to pick it back up once I decided to begin again, but alas, WordPress have the nerve to charge an obscene and insulting $80 ‘late fee’, on top of the $19 renewal charge. Fuck. That. So you’ll have to find me on the far less elegant again for the foreseeable future.


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