“Free range”.

So this is not what vegetarians who aren’t vegans with a concern for animal welfare want to hear. I thought I was in the ethical clear insofar as I avoid those caged eggs in crap packaging – which also taste inferior – and always pay extra for free range. Turns out there is good reason to think “not caged”, “free range” and so on are far from guarantees that chickens are roaming freely and being treated well. The food industry appears to twist the meaning of these terms and ensure the bare minimum is done to meet the requirements. A little access to the outdoors and the absence of a cage is sufficient to merit the labels, even if overcrowding ensures the inhumanity persists. I need to look into this a little more. I’m sure there will be simple ways to get better eggs that are worth taking.

Update: Viva confirms that the same bleak situation applies to Britain. (Hat tip: Lou Federer). I’m going to find some local suppliers in town tomorrow and see how many questions they’ll answer.


6 thoughts on ““Free range”.

  1. There’s sadly nowadays only one way to even hope to ensure you’re eating what you demand & that’s to buy local & buy intelligent.
    Of course retailers with Excel spreadsheet led businesses will always try to attain the greatest profit whilst just obeying ‘rules’, that’s why the recent Tesco advert asking for trust are so transparent – A sensible buyer can’t.
    Buy from where you trust & ‘Just ask’ – Ask to see traceability in restaurants, in shops etc – Become a savvy buyer

    • so which local suppliers sell eggs, Max? Is there somewhere in the Covered Market I’m missing and should be checking out?

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