Defending Damien Shannon, continued.

The Swan reports that legal proceedings have been halted between Shannon and St Hugh’s after an offer from the latter to negotiate an out of court agreement. Since the mainstream media seems to have either lost interest or missed this development, I thought it was worth flagging. Damien sent me The Swan’s piece, so I can confirm that it’s accurate.

I eagerly await news of whether these discussions reap rewards. For Damien’s sake, I hope they do. I also hope any offer he receives is explicitly precedent-setting and opens the door to policy review and reform. First, so that this injustice doesn’t befall any future applicants. Second, so that Damien doesn’t face any unnecessary personal dilemma of conscience.

Fortunately, an ad hoc, isolated offer in breach of requirements that will nevertheless continue seems quite unlikely. But I also would have thought that Oxford, inevitably suffering from an image problem when stories like these develop, would avoid paying a QC to make their case when Damien is presenting himself in court. The contrast was offensively stark. But we will see. I’ll post as soon as I hear anything else.


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