Fincher and Nolan on Malick.

How wonderful that this exists:

I just stumbled on it because I saw To the Wonder earlier today, and I’m searching for all things Malick in its aftermath. Given I hated The Tree of Life when I first saw it despite now considering it an all time great, I’ll be wiser this time and say nothing about To the Wonder until my feelings have blossomed and settled with time. But meanwhile, listen to Peter Bradshaw:

[To the Wonder is] a fascinating, flawed and vivid piece of work, in some ways a coda or companion piece to his previous. There is the same rapture, the same eerily beautiful cinematography from Emmanuel Lubezki – at once driftingly impressionistic and pin-sharp – the same unapologetic concern with spiritual crisis and the same unfashionable Christian theme… Both Paris and the mid-American heartland look like something from another planet, something witnessed, in delirious detail, under the influence of a powerful drug. There is a rich excess in this movie, and the sensual profusion is not completely absorbed into its texture. Yet only a film-maker as intelligent and idealistic as Malick could have created this kind of surplus value.


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