Managing without meat, continued.

I felt like a bird in Holland and Barrett yesterday when I walked out with what was basically a bag packed with grain. Green lentils and more quinoa to go along with pumpkin, sunflower and sesame seeds.

Breakfast was fine because I take poached eggs, but if I decide I should go vegan than I’ll struggle, because cereal both bores and often fails to fill me. Maybe toast with beans, spinach and mushrooms would do the trick – that’s the form that vegetarian breakfasts in cafés seem to take.

I munched on the seeds before lunch, anyway, and gladly the mild flavour quickly grew on me. These are, allegedly, full of vitamins and minerals, and at an average protein content on 25%, I really can’t complain.

For lunch I did this quinoa and fennel salad, pictured above. It was an Ottolenghi recipe once more, and despite looking great it tasted horrific. He’s certainly a fan of loud, mouth-shaking flavours, and the lime and dill here were too sharp for my stomach to handle.

His curry-roasted root vegetables recipe, however, never fails me. I just boiled some lentils in vegetable stock and sprinkled them over for some further protein. Dinner went swell:

I’ve prepared a mixed bean salad for tomorrow, and I think I’ll try roasted sweet potatoes with figs for dinner. And more seeds of course. Peck, peck.


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