Capitalism as anti-conservative, continued.

PM Carpenter points out a paradox:

[P]olitically it’s a wonder that conservatives, who have always purported a righteous superiority over grubbily material socialists, are in reality today’s most formidable materialists. They pay all the necessary lip service to what we might call higher values, but their political platform is indistinguishable from the Almighty Dollar. What you need is a tax cut, so you can buy, buy, buy.

Odd, isn’t it? I get why Mormons are like this, but how conservatism came to be in bed with libertarianism will forever baffle me. The latter is characterised by a radical commitment to the absolute morality of property rights even when they cause vast inequality and poverty, undermining social stability and personal security in our world to a staggering extent. The former is supposed to be about sustaining systems that work to shield us all from suffering, minimising if never entirely eliminating our vulnerabilities. Libertarianism has little that’s conservative about it.

Previous thoughts on this here.


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