Defending Damien Shannon, continued.

The judge has reserved his decision. I’m waiting for lawyer-friends to confirm what, if anything, that most likely means, but my guess is not much. So we’ll just have to wait a little longer.

Meanwhile, The Mail is the only paper so far to let this little but staggering detail slip out:

The court heard that the college’s estimation for living costs included items such as £453 for clothes for the year, £67 per week for meals provided by the college, and £2500 for general expenses.

There was a separate amount for the costs of entrance into local nightclubs.

Let’s repeat that. Oxford University has openly stipulated that in order to study here as a graduate, it is necessary to demonstrate you have an amount of money to live on which includes £453 to spend on clothes.

It isn’t even worthy of commenting on, is it? This fact alone is enough to repulse me. It’s hard not to feel ashamed at being part of this place when you read things like that.

How is this not page one Guardian material? It should be headline news everywhere until the university is embarrassed into either defending or ditching these insane requirements that stink of elitism to the bone.


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