Defending Damien Shannon, continued.

It’s surprising that after so much coverage, so many people commenting on this case have false information. A quick Twitter search brings up a sea of ignorance.

So just to set the record straight. It is not the case that Shannon is suing St Hugh’s for wealth discrimination because he had no money, couldn’t afford his degree, and so wasn’t granted a place. That would be absurd.

Fact: Shannon had sufficient funds to cover the cost of his college and tuition fees, and he had £9,000 to cover his living costs. The only reason he wasn’t granted a place was that he didn’t have £12,900 to live on, which is how much Oxford requires us to prove we have, regardless of the fact that we all can and do live on less. Damien explained all of this in his CiF piece.

That’s the crux of the issue here: whether Oxford has the right to impose an absurdly high living expenses requirement on applicants, when this is not necessary to ensure our well-being, no other university in the UK has a similar policy, and the consequences are discriminatory insofar as they needlessly cause the exclusion of people like Damien on lower incomes.

We should be hearing from the court shortly.

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