RIP Ronald Dworkin.

AP broke the news. He was far from a hero of mine. He’s cropped up occasionally in my political philosophy classes through the years. I can recall reading him on rights and civil disobedience and perhaps a little on luck egalitarianism. But his contentious work on pornography as free speech and his central work against positivism escaped my attention, because I don’t study jurisprudence.

Nonetheless, it’s impossible in this business to escape his shadow entirely. His reputation looms large, not only because he was a prolific writer, but because he was also evidently a great one. There will be few doubting today that his name will still be batted around decades from now. In that respect, today brings the biggest loss since Rawls.

I’ll defer to and eagerly await the paeans of those better placed to pen them. In the mean time, here’s the New York Review of Books’s collation of his contributions.

But one small thing from me. As I noted last summer, his paper just titled ‘Liberalism‘ is the most succinct, accurate and explanatory exposition of the ideology I’ve read. If you want to know what it’s all about – Liberalism, but also Dworkin – then start there.


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