Back soon.

Apologies. Busy few days, so a brief hiatus. Posts should start again on Saturday.

Just one thing for now. I agreed with John Broome yesterday to write my next essay on the ethics of climate change. This is new territory for me, and I want to make sure I have a grounding in the science and economics before I begin philosophising. So over the next three weeks, you can expect this blog to be focused on that. The idea is that by having to convert all the literature I consume into digestible chunks and slowly filtering them through to you on here, by the time I come to write the paper all my thoughts will already be formed, waiting to be put together. And hopefully you will learn something about the topic this way too.

There’ll still be other stuff too, of course. But that will be the main theme for a while now.

I’ll be starting with John’s own new book on the issue.

So, until Saturday.


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