The definition of desperation.

You know you’ve won the debate when the opposition comes to this. Nadine Dorries in Parliament today:

This bill in no way makes a requirement of faithfulness from same-sex couples. In fact, it does the opposite.

In a heterosexual marriage a couple can divorce for adultery, and adultery is if you have sex with a member of the opposite sex. In a heterosexual marriage a couple vow to forsake all others … A gay couple have no obligation to make that vow [to faithfulness] because they do not have to forsake all others because they cannot divorce for adultery. There is no requirement of faithfulness. And if there is no requirement of faithfulness, what is a marriage?

Because that’s genuinely the essence of her objection here.

It’s looking like half the Tory party and a tenth of the Labour party will oppose marriage equality. Everyone else will vote for it. By my calculations, that’s a comfortable 70-30 victory at worst. It will probably be even better.

Meanwhile, consider my essay done, so I’ll be back blogging normally in due course.


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