Armchair Schindlers.

Hats off to these students for already tithing or more. I’ve pledged to do so once I start earning (and have written about why before), but for now whilst I’m on a student allowance, Giving What We Can only asks that I give one percent of my income.

I can manage a little better than that. My aim for the year is five percent, which amounts to £500. So I gave £200 of my term’s allowance to Deworm the World last week before I could even think about spending it. I know my life will be just as happy as if I’d kept that money, but my choice means that the lives of others will be enriched in ways we can barely imagine. Here in Oxford, I don’t really have to worry about parasites infecting my intestines and preventing my ability to function. And even if I did, a 30p drug to keep me clean for the year would be a no-brainer.


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