Fuck Singapore.

Seriously, what else can you say to news like this:

In a separate parliamentary reply, Mr Khaw said the minimum age of 35 for singles to buy new flats “supports our promotion of marriage and parenthood”.

“We will be revising our policies to allow singles to buy new HDB flats with certain restrictions. However, there are no plans to lower the minimum age, as marriage rates are highest between the ages of 25 and 34,” he added.

This would be infuriating enough if it was mere mild encouragement of this particular conservative lifestyle. But it’s far more than that. Given the Singaporean government’s practical monopoly of the housing market, policies like this are tantamount to financial coercion. Only the richest will have any choice but to find a marital partner immediately if they seek shelter over their heads.

First, it hardly seems likely that robust relationships will flourish if they were formed by material necessity. Second, how can governments legitimately be in the business of badgering us into relationships anyway? Leave those that wish to be single alone. But third, and most vitally, it’s probably hard for us to fathom just how much this sort of policy, when conjoined with Singaporean cultural conditions, could contribute to people staying in the closet and remaining sexually repressed. It’s staggering what some people will do in the name of ‘traditional values’ and ‘social stability’.


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