Marriage equality update.

So this is just awesome. Why can’t Newsnight air discussions like this? Calm, thoughtful questioning, slowly allowing the guy’s views to unravel. And then as he mocks this as an obsession of the metropolitan elite which most of Britain is against, a poll flashes across the screen showing that sixty percent of This Morning viewers back the teaching of same sex marriage in schools. Priceless.

At least he acknowledges that there is zilch chance of faith schools getting a feasible exemption from the inevitable reforms of the education syllabus. We pass marriage equality as a society, but then allow the teachers of future generations to ‘conscientiously object’ and thereby deprive children of the knowledge that homosexuality is not just lawful, but embraced? That would be some contradiction.

But they’ll keep on fighting. Priests are now signing letters objecting to reform using the language of persecution.


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