Meat Free Mondays, continued.

In the spirit of encouraging semi-vegetarianism, how about a free-styled recipe courtesy of yours truly. You can get flavour and a full stomach without clinging to steak, you know. Give it a go. Let’s call it pea and mint risotto. The following is fit to serve one.

You’ll need: a garlic clove and a red onion; a bag of mint leaves; half a lime; salt and pepper; thyme; arborio rice; peas; vegetable stock; parmesan cheese. Oh, butter and olive oil too.

Crush the stock cube into a saucepan and fill with boiling water, maintaining the heat on a hob. Also add the mint stalks once the leaves are removed for extra flavour.

Meanwhile, heat up a wok and splash in a dash of water, butter and olive oil. Chuck in the chopped red onion and crushed garlic clove, stirring for three minutes.

Add the arborio rice, stirring for one minute to coat and soften.

Start to add the stock a ladel at a time, stirring frequently to prevent sticking and ensure even cooking. Also sprinkle in the thyme, squeeze in the lime and add seasoning this early on.

Keep adding and stirring in the stock for around half an hour, by which time it will have mostly gone. Add the peas for the final few minutes of cooking.

Test the rice to check it’s sufficiently soft, adding boiling water for a little longer if need be.

Finish with a touch of parmesan and chopped mint. Done.



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