For keeps.

I’ve enjoyed returning to blogging after such a long break. Again, I don’t know if I’ll keep it up, but I certainly want to, and I believe I can find a way of balancing the time it requires with academic commitments. After all, at times I fuse the two.

My audience, if there even is such an entity in a meaningful sense, has inevitably shrunk. But I’ve averaged seventy hits a day this week, so there’s no reason to think I can’t, with time, recover and hit the hundred mark regularly as I was doing last summer.

I’m amazed, however, scrolling through the archives here, just how much I wrote over the past year. There has been over 650 posts in twelve months now, and that includes what must have been basically a three month hiatus. A lot of it is curation, of course. But a surprising amount of it was also original long form posts by me, especially around the time I had Finals.

Since a lot of those posts still reflect my thoughts and cover issues that are continuing or permanent, it seemed worthwhile rounding them up rather than letting them rot. For anyone interested, then, here are all the salient past posts that stand out to me when I skim through the past year. I’ll put a link on the right sidebar so this post is always easily accessible.

Osborne’s shamelessness
Why Be Proud?
Council prayers
The tyranny of tolerance
When MPs won’t talk
Donors and doctors: cut the cowardice

Obama on free will and desert
The ACLU and the KKK
The Divine Virtue of Edward R. Murrow
America is exceptional
Clinton on torture

Catholic apologetics
Liberalism and religious tolerance
Springsteen’s Catholicism
The Shame of the Catholic Church

The Fragility of Meritocracy
Against religious circumcision
Rousseau’s legacy
Explain why cells are persons
Fight Club, Rousseau and consumerism
Are accidental pregnancies free?
Anorexia and autonomy
Hobbes and Rousseau on human nature
Should we let the poor starve?
Admirable assholes
Temperate food thieves, courageous nazis
“Intuitions”, or: is moral philosophy a science?
Dignity, dwarf-tossing and the death penalty
What’s so wrong about infanticide?
Socialists in foxholes

Explaining Springsteen
Ethical window-dressing
Homophobia in Oxford
Liberal patriotism
Can porn stars be teachers?
The Etiquette of Arguments
Cartographic justice
What is insanity anyway?


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