The inevitable decline of HMV.

So it’s finally going. I actually popped in to kill time yesterday morning before the library opened, unaware that the store-wide sale coincided with entering administration. Almost every item had 25% off, and it’s testament to how irrelevant the store had become that even then everything seemed far too expensive. I paid £50 for the Sopranos box set on Amazon over Christmas; they wanted £20 just for the first of six series. I bought a Cary Grant collection last summer for £40; HMV were celebrating themselves on reducing the same item from £120 to £80. It’s absurd. Nobody in their right mind shops there any more. And if they do, it’s for the nostalgia of browsing only to proceed to order what you see in there online at a drastically lower rate. That was never going to be a sustainable business model heading into the digital age. I really feel little sadness in seeing the back of it.


One thought on “The inevitable decline of HMV.

  1. I agree, and I should have used my gift card yesterday morning when I felt the urge to. Less than 24 hours later, it’s no longer accepted. If they didn’t charge 17.99 for a CD that’s 35 years old, or play terrible music at 400 times an acceptable volume, or have a loyalty system that doesn’t give you any more than a free Nicki Minaj poster for every £200,000.00 spent in store, I might have more sympathy. The decline was inevitable, but they didn’t do anything to stop it.

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