Intellectual dishonesty.

In the aftermath of the intellectual surrender of Greg Mankiw – author of a best-selling textbook documenting Macro 101, now a Romney-advising anti-Keynesian – both Krugman and Wren-Lewis despair at the dishonesty that has come to pervade their academic discipline. Krugman:

[S]urely part of it is simply that they have been caught up in the vortex of the broader Romney campaign… his is a campaign that’s all about faking it — fake claims about Obama, fake claims about policy, fake claims about Romney’s personal history. Is it really surprising, then, that the economists who have decided to lend their names to the campaign have been caught up in this culture of fraud?

If they had caught The Sunday Times‘ In Focus report yesterday, they could have taken some admittedly twisted comfort out of the fact that natural scientists are found out to be shits on just as many occasions. It’s just not as well documented. The piece was packed with examples, culminating in this:

The problem is much the same in every field. [Fiona] Godlee’s editorial [for the British Medical Journal] includes a reference to a 2009 study by Edinburgh researchers. Trawling surveys, they reported “conservatively” that more than 14% of scientists had said they knew of fakery by colleagues and nearly three quarters knew of other questionable practices.

Do follow the first link, incidentally, to see Ezra Klein ruthlessly exposing bullshit and giving journalism the better name it deserves.


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