Donors and doctors: cut the cowardice.

There is, as always, a vast shortage of organs supplied to those that need them in Britain. The refusal of people to plan for theirs to be donated upon their death, either due to laziness, irrational queasiness, religion or weakness of will means that thousands of lungs and hearts stupidly rot and burn when they could easily bring life to others.

And yet British doctors act in such a way that even the measly few that do wish to donate, aren’t guaranteed that their healthy organs will be used as gifts to others. One in ten shouldn’t have bothered to register.

Why? Not because of any logistical problems or doubts about the genuine nature of the consent, but because grieving families disrespect their dead one’s wishes and insist they would rather not prevent further suffering for others. And the law is so sufficiently murky and British doctors are so sufficiently cowardly that those families win; their wishes are fulfilled. My mother – who definitely is queasy and would naturally be very shaken by my sudden death – has a practical veto on my ability to transfer my organs to those that need them once I’m gone. And the doctors present, who allegedly live by a duty to respect wishes and save lives – may very well do nothing.

You can sign up regardless here.


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