Olympic madness.

Chips already can’t be sold across venues unless accompanied by fish, because McDonald’s somehow legally secured an exclusive corporate right to sell fried potatoes. Businesses are not even allowed to combine words as basic as ‘2012’ and ‘summer’ in their advertising without express permission. Using the rings logo is even forbidden. When The Spectator took the Games to task over this nonsense, they nearly got their magazine pulled off the shelves. From Nick Cohen’s cover article:

Trading standards officers in Stoke on Trent told a florist to take down floral Olympic rings. Offending sausage rings vanished from a butcher’s window in Dorset. It is not only rings. The Olympic organising committee warned estate agents in the West Country that they must remove Olympic torches made from old ‘for sale’ signs or face ‘formal legal action’. When the British Sugarcraft Guild asked the authorities if it might run a 2012 cake-decorating competition, it thought it was making a modest request. The Guild was not even going to sell the cakes afterwards. No matter. Only official sponsors could decorate cakes with Olympic symbols, the Olympic organisers ruled.

This is utterly insane. I am almost certainly breaking the law by posting this with the following image and caption attached:

Liberal reflections at the Olympics!

And then, when you thought it couldn’t get any worse, Oliver Kay informs us of even more madness at Old Trafford, where any corporate symbol that hasn’t coughed up for an exclusive deal is actively blacked out:

This is just a pathetic joke, right?


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