The greatness of Kant’s Groundwork.

Cecile Fabre can’t recommend reading it enough:

[It is] one of the most important books in moral philosophy – if not the most important… Kant’s abiding commitment to the fundamental equality of all human beings resonates through every single one of its pages. It is full of mistakes of course; in particular, its egalitarian commitment is somewhat vitiated by Kant’s attitudes to women. This last point notwithstanding, I find that book extraordinarily moving – the philosophical equivalent (to my mind) of J. S. Bach’s music. In the same way as Bach’s rigorous, almost mathematical phrasing at its best reaches sublime spiritual heights, Kant’s rigorous, demanding philosophy at its best reaches to the deepest, in fact spiritual, commitment to the intrinsic value of each and every one of us, irrespective of race, gender, social class, and community membership. I can think of no greater ideal to aspire to.

Naturally, I agree.


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