You’ve Got It.

Caramanica reckons it’s the highlight of Wrecking Ball:

It’s Bruce at his prime sexiness, that heavy-breathing oratory of his aimed away from the laborers and the overlords and squarely at a tender young thing. “You’ve got it in your bones and blood/You’re real as real ever was,” he says, the hot air leaving a damp coat of lust on his target’s ear. He sounds predatory, lecherous, spent. It’s bracing.

That’s the Springsteen I find most provocative, the one who balances sensuality with dogma, who understands the body as a locus of pleasure, not just labor. When the music is joyous on this album, it does what his words and voice often cannot: generates goodwill.

I don’t know about the highlight, but it certainly stood out to me as being unduly neglected (it is, by my count, the only song off the new album not to be played live on tour yet).

There are far too many hits on this record to single this song out. It’s Bruce’s best work since The Rising. But I do love his raw, growly, husk of a voice, so I agree this one’s quite the treat.


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