An awkward marriage.

Yale have decided to go ahead with their new liberal arts college in Singapore. They have received reassurances that a free intellectual atmosphere will be left untouched, and they have a special pact in place which includes a ‘nondiscrimination act, which forbids discrimination based on sexual orientation’.

Which says something about the legal status of homosexuals in the rest of the country. This is, after all, a nation that has reached First World  status economically speaking, and yet retains legislation criminalising all sex between men. That law may not be enforced, but it sets a tone, doesn’t it? Imagine starting off counselling with confused kids reminding them of that fact. It’s not that they just haven’t got around to repealing it, either. After a huge review of the statute book in ’07, oral sex between straight people and women was legalised (really), but they actively decided to keep blow-jobs between guys banned. Good luck to the gay Yale professors heading off to teach in that environment, living under a government that so clearly holds them in complete contempt.


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