Confronting thieves.

Rosie Fiore takes on one that she found on a ‘Free Books’ forum, trying to steal her own work:

I think the thing that upsets me the most about your post and this whole forum is that on the whole, ebooks aren’t expensive. My book is on special on Amazon at the moment. It costs £2.99. Half a packet of fags, if you will. A third of a film ticket. A pint in a cheap pub. Or if you’re so skint you can’t afford that, you could borrow it from your local library for free, and they would pay me public lending rights.

If, after all this, you’re still after a free copy of my book, please do message me. I’d like to invite you around to my house, so you can look me in the eye as you take a copy of the book off the shelf and walk out with it. It’s what you’re asking to do here, so have the courage to do it honestly.

Alas, I know from experience that so many people of my generation have managed to convince themselves that intellectual property rights are bogus, and so long as something isn’t physical, general socioeconomic conventions don’t apply. There’s little hope for musicians and writers in the future who want to make a living out of their work. Fortunately, at least, the uniqueness of the cinematic experience ensures that the film industry probably won’t follow suit.


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