Scientology’s secrets.

Speculation is rife, of course, that the stimulus for their split was scientology. Since it was topical, I finally got around last night to reading that colossal New Yorker essay centered around Paul Haggis’ insider story. It’s 24,000 words long, and took me well over an hour. But if you want a sleepless night caused by the creepiness of this cult, it’s the one to read. Alternatively, The Week summarised the essay’s key revelations, and the Wiki page on Sea Org suffices for a quick appreciation of the insanity. The church’s hierarchy may in reality be no more secretive and morally suspect than the Vatican, but when your bonkers teachings aren’t shrouded in the mysteries of history, your practices are inevitably even harder to stomach. If reading doesn’t take your fancy, there’s always this apparently infamous Panorama investigation, included below:


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