What is happiness?

This is great. An interactive (just wait and see) set of YouTube videos which play out like philosophical thought experiments. First part below. Watch them.

For what it’s worth, I imagine Mill would say both of the women in videos 1 and 2 are happy. Plato would definitely not say the second is. Aristotle would need some more information on the woman’s virtues.

(Hat Tip: PEA Soup).


3 thoughts on “What is happiness?

    • True, true. I should probably have written ‘utilitarians’ more generally instead. I was forgetting that particular caveat to him.

      • I’m not sure whether most modern-day utilitarians would take a mental-state view of happiness (though, of course, this leaves them open to the charge that they’re not really utilitarians).

        Even Bentham who clearly does take a mental-state view might raise questions about the ‘fecundity’ of the second woman’s happiness: he might reckon that a lifestyle like that is unsustainable.


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