Boss time.

I’ve still got a week until I’m officially free, and I must do my best to stay in the academic mindset for at least a little while longer. But it is hard, people, when July awaits. July means, on top of my 21st, Boss time. Multiplied by three. Yes, I’m that damn fortunate that I can look forward to following Bruce from Manchester to London to Dublin. And if his concerts keep going at their current length, that will clock in at 10 hours of musical heaven.

Clarence’s absence will be heartbreaking, of course, but at least Tenth Avenue – my favourite by far – is a cert in tribute. And seeing them play three years ago in Chicago, the entire Born to Run album performed live from Thunder Road through to the earth-shattering sax solo of Jungleland, I have a memory most cannot fathom.

Spirit in the Night also seems to be a regular now, much to the joy of my girlfriend. It looks like I may even get to hear Born in the USA. And by the time round three arrives, I’ll have the velvet smoothness of locally brewed Guinness to heighten the joy. Oh, and I’ll even be making time to see Regina in the midst of all this.

Just one request: London Calling again to open Hyde Park. Please, Bruce?


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