Round-up of recent highlights.

Photo: Flickr.

Just to get all the links to my recent long posts in one place, they’re grouped below by subject for those that are interested.

With regards to ethics, first I discussed the value of intentions and consequences, and followed up with more here. Then I pondered whether consequentialism has the resources to categorically condemn rape, and later lying, before moving in detail to the question of whether action from duty or compassion is the better motive. Then I turned to the question of what Kantians and virtue ethicists would say to the Gaddaffis of this world, and I contemplated what the true meaning of courage is. Discussion of moral dilemmas involving murder here, and finally some meta-ethical discussion of whether skeptics can continue to talk about ethics here, before an outline of the debate about what so-called ‘intuitions’ are here.

For international relations, I debated whether America should bother being a global superpower, doubted the ability of the West to build democracies, discussed America’s disrespect for sovereignty, applied game theory to NATO’s pursuit of defence shields, collated past posts on nuclear weapons, argued for the role of the media in facilitating humanitarian intervention, and revisited the Security Council’s moves on Syria before later attacking liberal interventionism.. Later posts on Syria here, here, here and here.

I then turned to the question for political theorists of whether we should let the poor starve, asked if sports stars should be allowed to earn their millions, wondered how governments differ from the mafia, defended secularism and later Republican theories of freedom. I also argued for a liberal form of patriotism later in the week here, and defended the right of porn stars to be teachers.

On Plato, I posted about the Ring of Gyges thought experiment, the disconnect between the modern and Greek way of doing ethics, and finally The Republic’s defence of justice. Funny lecture on Plato with comments here.

Finally, I explained skepticism about knowledge in the context of Donald Trump’s birther movement, looked at the contextualist attack and solution before criticising it, and then later detailed my reasons for doubting that dogs can have knowledge. Cool lecture on Descartes here.

Christ, that’s a lot. More on Aristotle, Hobbes, Locke and Rousseau from tomorrow onwards.


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