TNC scolds Dharun Ravi for saying ‘sorry’ for his role in the events leading up to the suicide of Tyler Clementi, whilst still making time to insist he was not ‘motivated by hate, bigotry, prejudice or [a] desire to hurt, humiliate or embarrass anyone’:

No one wants to be wrong. It is a great failing, not simply of morality and honor, but of imagination. Being wrong is painful. It would be painful for Ravi to tell the world he actually was trying to humiliate a fellow human for his own ends… Until you can say “I was wrong” without pausing to defend yourself, there really isn’t much hope.

Part of me agrees. But then there’s another part of me which rages and says, wait: this boy has been the victim of a modern day witch hunt in which the autonomous decision of another to inexplicably take his own life led to speculative charges of hate crimes, which Ravi refused a plea-bargain over and risked a decade in jail and potential deportation in order to try to clear his name. He was treated like he pushed Clementi off the bridge. And if in entering jail to serve his short sentence, there is clear resentment shown towards his punishment – well, I can understand that. It must be hard to feign indifference to the false perception that you’re the homophobic Devil Incarnate, when the reality is that you were just a teenager being a jerk.

Context for the case here, and my previous thoughts here.


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