Ethics round-up.

No more moral philosophy from me, given the exam starts in under 3 hours. Either tonight or tomorrow morning I’ll start an international relations stint, but then onto political theory and the Greeks, so ethics will return in some form. I just thought I’d group together everything I’ve churned out the last two days so they’re easily accessible. I’m flattered by the amount of interest they’ve received (350 views in the last 24 hours, and counting):

First I discussed the value of intentions and consequences, and followed up with more here. Then I pondered whether consequentialism has the resources to categorically condemn rape, and later lying, before moving in detail to the question of whether action from duty or compassion is the better motive. Then I turned to the question of what Kantians and virtue ethicists would say to the Gaddaffis of this world, and I contemplated what the true meaning of courage is. Discussion of moral dilemmas involving murder here, and finally some meta-ethical discussion of whether skeptics can continue to talk about ethics here, before an outline of the debate about what so-called ‘intuitions’ are here. Oh, and an explanation of the point of this whole thing is here.


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