All things Mormon.

Tony Allen-Mills digs (£) deep into the religion in light of the rise of Romney. Some points of note:

Mormons were persecuted in the early years. Joseph Smith himself was murdered by an anti-Mormon mob in 1844 after campaigning for the US presidency — and the lawyer who successfully defended his killers at their trial was a founder of the Republican party.

I guess you call that progress.

Infamously, Mormons believe an Israelite clan back in the Bible days emigrated to Missouri. When a bishop had the balls to question this given our knowledge of genetic history, he was excommunicated:

Southerton believes he was accused of adultery and not apostasy — renunciation of church beliefs — because the LDS did not want his heretical views aired at a disciplinary hearing. “They just don’t want more people hearing about uncomfortable truths.”

The article also flags an allegedly notorious British case of a Mormon man being abducted and raped by a woman. It goes to show that men really do need legal protection after all. Rape is legally defined in the UK in such a way that a woman cannot commit the crime (unless penetrating another person with a strap-on, presumably). I’ve always thought the mere possibility of a man being sedated, chained to a bed and force-fed viagra suffices to make the law much needed, but it turns out something like this actually happened. And, it seems, viagra isn’t even necessary because erectile responses can obviously be involuntary.

Also be sure to check out the magic Mormon pants. Order a pair, if you fancy protection from spiritual evil.

Maher reverses the post-humous baptism of Ann Romney’s atheist father:


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