What happens when you’re highlighted on The Dish.

First you discover it and nearly faint, of course. Then traffic soars:

Over ten percent of all views for this blog have come in the past two days.

But that’s hardly a surprise given what this is in comparison to the biggest blog in the world, which gets almost two million hits a week.

I guess it goes to show how the web has smashed down barriers to entry. Whereas previously to get published, you needed the backing of a prestigious print platform, now the shelf space is limitless, and the world of writing is more of a meritocracy for it. There’s also an element of luck, of course. If I hadn’t followed someone at The Dish on Twitter and had the follow reciprocated, they would never have seen me. But it’s still undeniably a crazy, crazy truth, that POTUS and Clooney possibly read my views on solitary confinement this week – words I tapped out in my bedroom. And nothing like that was possible a mere ten years ago.

But Sullivan himself explains it best (similarly here). Make no mistake about it: blogging has changed everything.


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