Denying reality.

The Dish has been airing reader anecdotes this week detailing the inability of churches everywhere to get to grips with the fact that – shock horror – even Christians are often gay. Highlights here, here and here. And now a letter (£) in The Times yesterday from the Reverend David Rushton reinforces the powerful but sad picture:

Sir, It is a day of great sadness when Ruth Gledhill has to report the Church of England’s inability to grapple with issues of sexuality.

As a gay priest in the Church of England I have myself struggled on a daily basis to live a life of integrity while attempting to be loyal to the Church that I love. This love is, however, being severely tested and my loyalty to an institution that refuses to engage with the variety of sexualities that exist within its own body is nothing short of a scandal. Jeffrey John articulates with great wisdom what many of us either fail to address or are fearful of saying.

This issue sits alongside all issues of justice, waiting to be addressed to save the Church from its own inertia, but more importantly for the wellbeing of those who are searching for the love of God within the Church.

Your leading article is a welcome support for myself and many who are increasingly battered and bruised by the Church.


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