Mississippi madness confirmed.

Following on from the earlier Maher post, a PPP survey confirms that just over half of the electorate there thinks Obama is Muslim, and two-thirds do not believe in evolution.


One thought on “Mississippi madness confirmed.

  1. The fact that people in rural Mississippi see Obama as a muslim is more a reflection of their sense that he does not understand them, and that his policies run contradictory to what they believe in rather than in reference to his chosen religion. Most people in Arkansas where I am from do not actually understand the relationship between Mulsims and Christians either. They do also share a sense that Pres Obama does not share their values or their vision of America. The farther south and central you go in this country the more people see themselves as independent, self reliant, and conservative. The farther towards the North and coasts you go the more people see themselves as denpents of the state and subjects of the ruling class rather than free people. These southern people arrive at these sensibilities partially through their connections to Christian religions and Churches though most do not attend church regularly. Their professions about religious connections stem from a set of values shared by christian religions one of which is that God created man.
    I hope we will someday arrive at a place in this country were people look to themselves for conscence and sutenance rather then to the government which cannot provide either. It always strikes me as odd that the leftist liberal professing to believe in social freedom works hardest in his struggle to harness the force of government in order to impose his will on the rest of society. I am equally sickened that right wing conservatives professing economic freedom and gun rights also work to harness the power of government in an attempt to impose their will on the rest of society.
    We must adopt a live and let live attitude in this country. If we are not all free then we are all slaves. We do great damage to personal freedom when either side sells their freedom to government in order to limit the freedom of others thru government force.

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