It’s official: Britain is pro-gay marriage.

Thanks to The Sunday Telegraph for conducting an up-to-date poll, and publishing it in spite of the result. Note the lame attempt at spin, though:

A poll commissioned by The Sunday Telegraph shows that the country is split on the issue.

Overall, 45 per cent of voters support moves to allow gay marriage, with 36 per cent against, while 19 per cent say they do not know.

However, the Prime Minister is out of step with his own party.

Exactly half of Conservative voters oppose same-sex marriage in principle and only 35 per cent back it.

There is no public appetite to change the law urgently, with more than three quarters of people polled saying it was wrong to fast-track the plan before 2015 and only 14 per cent saying it was right.

I’m not ignoring the main headline of that story that this poll is smuggled into, incidentally. I’m just trying to get my ahead around what possible arguments there could be against wearing such a simple, harmless religious symbol expressing one’s identity. My intuitions are with the anti-secularists on this one. It seems truly absurd, and only required by some kind of French form of queer secularism.


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