Letters policy.

So The Telegraph published a pile of letters yesterday, unanimously concerned with potential invasions of religious liberty that may result from legalising gay marriage. And they also published that new Op-Ed raising similar points.

I wrote to them this:

SIR – Christina Odone’s article was interesting in that it did not seem to oppose gay marriage in principle, but only because it is likely to lead to the infringement of religious liberty in the future. Regardless of whether that is empirically true, if she defends the right of religious groups to discriminate against people and to refuse to marry them on the grounds of their sexuality, does she also defend the right of religious groups to refuse to marry interracial straight couples, if they believe this to be contrary to the will of their God?

But, of course, today there isn’t a single dissent given a platform. 

I refuse to believe I’m the only person who has messaged them with serious concerns about the implications of this principle and whether it exempts religious institutions from laws forbidding racism too. But in continuing to air only letters backing their Editorial – and increasingly absurd letters at that – whilst not offering an Op-Ed to the conservative case for gay marriage either, they show that they’re a paper not interested in debate at all. 


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