Save the honorifics!

Yes, this is a major concern:

SIR – If gay marriages are allowed, will it affect the use of Mr or Mrs as a prefix?

And another:

SIR – If marriage is to be redefined, titles will also have to be redefined to be gender neutral. I am happier to be a husband to my wife. I am proud to be father to my children. And I do not want to be called “Progenitor 1” – as is the case in Spain.

One would have been absurd enough, but twoThe Telegraph has lost it. Totally lost it. They’re even giving a platform to people who just state that they feel a little distressed about the whole thing:

SIR – Gay people can by all means devise a legally binding contract to reflect their “special relationship”, but please do not call it marriage. It would upset me.

Okay, it goes on a little longer, but Christ Almighty. I’m considering sending in some serious objections of my own. The bar seems pretty low for publishing. We could start with:

SIR – In a marriage between two men, who would be the wife?


SIR – Please don’t call gay partnerships marriage. I would slit my wrists in fury and potentially die.


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