Is there anything worse than a fanatical jihadist?

Apparently so: one that is also a huckster.

After Bin Laden’s death, Hitchens wrote:

It seems thinkable that he truly believed his own mad propaganda, often adumbrated on tapes and videos, especially after the American scuttle from Somalia. The West, he maintained, was rotten with corruption and run by cabals of Jews and homosexuals. It had no will to resist. It had become feminized and cowardly. One devastating psychological blow and the rest of the edifice would gradually follow the Twin Towers in a shower of dust. Well, he and his fellow psychopaths did succeed in killing thousands in North America and Western Europe, but in the past few years, their main military triumphs have been against such targets as Afghan schoolgirls, Shiite Muslim civilians, and defenseless synagogues in Tunisia and Turkey. Has there ever been a more contemptible leader from behind, or a commander who authorized more blanket death sentences on bystanders?

Today we learn (£) from the Sunday Times – stolen, as always, by The Mail here – that he encouraged his children to seek a good life in the West:

“He told his own children and grandchildren, ‘Go to Europe and America and get a good education’,” said Zakaria al-Sadah, whose sister Amal was the fifth wife of the Al-Qaeda leader. He said Bin Laden was adamant that his children “should not follow him down the road to jihad”.

What backbone. Is it too soon to dish out coward of the century awards?


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