Morality pills.

The Dish links us to Peter Singer pondering the Clockwork Orange question of whether we should give any potential version of them to prisoners.

The answer for him, of course, has to be a simple Yes. Assuming that taking one means you’re much less likely to resort to crime in the future, it’s inconceivable that the positive consequences accruing from less murders and rapes in the world would ever be outweighed by the worries that would pervade society about the erosion of consent and the power of the state to play Big Brother. If you’re out to minimise crime, this is just another potentially means, and an unusually effective one at that. So using it becomes a no-brainer.

Not that that shows anything, of course, except the poverty of Singer’s approach. Yet again he has none of the resources seemingly necessary to deal with this delicate issue in a proper way.


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