“I don’t care about the very poor”.

Stewart lays into Romney’s latest blunder that came merely hours after his Florida victory, and almost faints upon seeing a journalist hold a candidate to account for what they have said.

Sullivan contextualises:

How many times now has he said things in public that are completely disastrous? “I like to fire people”. “Wanna bet $10,000?” An annual income of $370,000 is “not very much”. And now this. Just because Romney looks smooth doesn’t mean he is. He is often a dreadfully inept candidate. Last night, his victory speech was repellent; this morning he goes and says something this crass.

Weisberg thinks passion amongst Republicans for Mitt is virtually non-existent:

The case for voting for Romney goes as follows: Of the Republican presidential candidates, he is the only one with any real chance of defeating President Obama in November. In support of this electability hypothesis, Romney’s advocates elaborate such qualities as the candidate’s lack of any obvious mental defect, the nonextremity of his views, and his vastly superior financial and organizational resources. Seldom, however, do his half-hearted supporters evince any affection or enthusiasm for the man himself. They generally acknowledge Romney to be an insipid, somewhat blank personality, who is almost absurdly variable in his positions and core beliefs.

Meanwhile, Kornacki expects Trump to endorse Mitt later on today in his ‘special announcement’:

Romney seems a better bet for Trump when you consider that Gingrich is probably going to lose. More specifically, Gingrich is poised to lose badly in Nevada on Saturday — and Nevada is where Trump is making his announcement. And his prospects after the Silver State aren’t much better. So even if Trump is peeved with Romney over his debate excuse-making and even if he prefers Gingrich’s brand of Obama-bashing, there’s a strong ego-based case for endorsing Romney: It will be easy for Trump to take credit when he wins.

More photos of Mitt trying too hard to be ‘human’ here.


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