Mr. Moderate?

Why does this sloppy language still have press credence? From The (London) Times today:

[Gingrich] cast himself as the deeply conservative champion who would fight against “elites who have been trying to force us for a half-century to quit being American” in contrast to Mr Romney’s more moderate approach.

In fairness, there’s an ambiguity here. They could still be caricaturing Gingrich’s claims that Romney is moderate, but it read to me more naturally as the journalist’s judgement by the time the end of the sentence arrives.

Either way, this is staggering. If they’re paraphrasing Gingrich, they should set the record straight. If they’re endorsing that view themselves, they’re just plain wrong. Romney uses anti-Obama rhetoric deriding him, ridiculously, as an unAmerican socialist trying to make America more like a ‘European welfare state’ in every debate, almost in every answer. And yet if you get your American politics fix just from The Times, it doesn’t look like you would ever know this.


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