Romney’s dog.

This is a bonkers but hilarious ‘Only in America’-style story that’s mad even for the standards of this election race. The WSJ has the details of Romney’s notorious 1980s road trip from Boston to Canada here and here, in which he drove 13 hours straight with his dog strapped to the car roof:

As the oldest son, Tagg Romney commandeered the way-back of the wagon, keeping his eyes fixed out the rear window, where he glimpsed the first sign of trouble. ‘Dad!’ he yelled. ‘Gross!’ A brown liquid was dripping down the back window, payback from an Irish setter who’d been riding on the roof in the wind for hours.

As the rest of the boys joined in the howls of disgust, Romney coolly pulled off the highway and into a service station. There, he borrowed a hose, washed down Seamus and the car, then hopped back onto the highway. It was a tiny preview of a trait he would grow famous for in business: emotion-free crisis management.

Love how they extracted a lesson about his political style from this incident. And yes, the son is named Tagg (and the dog Seamus). Anyway, it’s back on the ‘agenda’ largely thanks to Gingrich, who keeps talking about it, even including it in a campaign attack ad. The Young Turks are joking about how Romney defended himself by claiming the container was air-tight, despite the dog presumably being able to breathe and managing to shit down the window. They also imagine the prospect of Newt starting a conspiracy about where the dog is now, given he’s dead:

I’m just asking the fucking questions that Obama will: where’s the dog?


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