Obama’s critics.

Newsweek leads with a lengthy Sullivan essay practically endorsing Obama for a second term. His main claim is that, on both the right and the left, pictures have been painted that wholly fail to describe what has actually transpired in the last four years. Whilst Republicans deride him as a socialist, the stimulus did in fact work, taxes haven’t soared and relative to Bush, he’s been pretty good on the deficit. With regards to the left, yes, Greenwald is right to be angry, but he perhaps misses all the Leftist goals Obama has achieved. An example:

Yes, Obama has waged a war based on a reading of executive power that many civil libertarians, including myself, oppose. And he has signed into law the indefinite detention of U.S. citizens without trial (even as he pledged never to invoke this tyrannical power himself). But he has done the most important thing of all: excising the cancer of torture from military detention and military justice. If he is not reelected, that cancer may well return. Indeed, many on the right appear eager for it to return.

As ever, well worth reading in full.


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