Andrew Sullivan rants that Romney’s performance in the debate last night was so nauseating that he uncharacteristically gave up live-blogging it after 30 minutes. First:

Romney is actually saying that newly-elected president Obama chose not to seek compromise with Republicans but to ram his agenda through “against the will of the American people.” The sheer distortion of reality that Romney is prepared to unleash is staggering. He truly is prepared to say anything about Obama, and has only one criterion beforehand: will it help or hurt me? The idea of a reference to something called truth is beyond him.


A questioner: “there seem to be more and more discrimination against religion.” Romney panders shamelessly, backing the Christianist view that the government should reflect Christian emblems.

And finally:

Well, I tried. I can’t see this pageant producing anything interesting at this point, and really cannot watch it any more. It’s Saturday night. Watching these individuals lie and posture and pander is too much for me to handle.


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